Dec 7, 2012

Emma Stone Looks Terrible [Rose McGowan]

Guest Blogger Gemma Fart-a-ton has a message for you for the holidays, 
and that message is enclosed in one very scary face:

Rose goes outside as a mix of Christmas and Halloween
and ends up as something in between: A Thanksgiving Turkey

This weird amalgamation of Emma Stone, Lindsay Lohan, 
and Courtney Love is Rose McGowan. 
She used to be one of my favorite actresses
and used to have a face that looked like this

 Like a 90s-era Dreama Walker

This is what the pressures of Hollywood have wrought!
Are you happy now, society?!?!

Rose, I like your bangs.  
Society, you're on notice. 
You better say nice things about Rose's bangs.

Guest Blogger Gemma Fart-a-ton is in no way against plastic surgery, but she is against a  39-year-old actress who has had so much work that she looks like a drunk-baby with a wig.
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