Jan 13, 2011

Hollywood Couples We Root For

With Hollywood couples breaking up and hooking up at lightning speed, it’s difficult to get one’s hopes up about true love. It seems almost impossible to just date over in Tinsel Town, and it’s even harder in Los Angeles (many Tinsel Town relationships are ruined by roving bands of elves). Every relationship is under intense scrutiny, and famous people are forced into serious relationships very quickly. Occasionally, though, a couple seems destined to make it. Here are the couples we here at Tableau Your Mind are pulling for. They will probably split up in a week.

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard - As with most couples on this list, they are low key and mostly off the radar. Probably due to being New York Celebrities, Gyllenhaal and Sarsgaard - or SarsHaal (Gyl-gaard? Sarsenhaard?) - live in relative anonymity. They are such a slow-burn couple that they almost veer into boring (Timberlake and Biel, anyone), but stay adorable due to their general likeability and air of Bohemian lifestyle. And that lifestyle thankfully never veers into Boho-Chic, a phrase I know only because of my unending fascination with Mary-Kate and Ashley, formerly of the Olsen Twins.

Steve and Nancy Carell (née Walls) - Not exactly a power couple, but Steve and Nancy Carell have always been hilarious. Nancy’s one season on SNL and her time with the Daily Show are the main source of her fame, and Steve Carell was in Evan Almighty. These two are also ridiculously likable. Unlike some couples who were hard to root for (Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise and L. Ron Hubbard), the Carells display an easy chemistry on screen (in The Daily Show and The Office) and off.  They simply seem to like each other, and never come off as crazy. There are no necklaces with vials of blood. The Carells are people you love to invite for Thanksgiving dinner because they tell interesting stories and help clean up before they leave.

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox - Their relationships with men have often been questionable, but there is no denying the chemistry between these Friends co-stars. While the Sex and the City co-stars constantly had to fend off rumors that they hated each other, the faith that these two were lifelong BFFs never wavered. Lisa Kudrow is a good friend too, but, like her character in the show, she seems a bit separated from the power duo. People have various disparaging opinions on Aniston and Cox separately (why is she so sad? why is she so grating?), but any time photos of them enjoying dinner or playing on the beach together surface, everyone’s collective hearts are atwitter. They don’t even seem to be having that much fun, but they just look so natural, the antithesis to Leann Rimes’s breasts. Sure, Jen and Court’s chemistry fizzled a bit when they kissed in Cox’s wackadoodle show Dirt, but it’s more forgettable than couple-damaging. 

Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller - While it may be hilarious to imagine this famous bickering duo in divorce court (custody battles over Ben, etc), it would just be terrible. Nobody wants to see this couple split up.

So, that’s the list.  Check back for updates.
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