Feb 19, 2011

Score One for the Beek!

As many people have probably heard, James Van Der Beek, better known as Dawson of Dawson's Creek, has landed a plum role in the much anticipated ABC pilot Don't Trust the Bitch (that title's definitely changing).  He co-stars with Dreama Walker (Gossip Girl, The Good Wife) and Krysten Ritter (Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, our dreams).  Van Der Beek plays a heightened version of himself, something that he recently did awesomely on Funny Or Die!  Even better, the role was originally written for Lance Bass.  So, we at Tableau are ready to give the win to Van Der Beek, whose ridiculous name belies an acting depth and soul we can't wait to see regularly on our computer screens.

P.S. yes, we did just learn how to link to things on our posts.
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