Feb 14, 2011

[Spoiler Alert] Best Picture Nominees #3: 127 Hours

This movie is everything you think it is. Beautifully directed, extremely claustrophobic, and, yes, gross.  But it isn't gratuitously gross, unlike the following photo:
It's a shame this movie overshadows the other Cramped-Fest movie Buried, in which Ryan Reynolds is stuck in a coffin and there's some war stuff going on. Because that movie was good too.

James Franco is in this movie (to further prove that he is an omnipresent God) and is good. This movie would gain points if it added more Lizzie Caplan, who was great in Tableau favorite Party Down and is only in a few scenes in this movie. In fact, none of the supporting players get much to do, and they're basically there as eye candy and so people don't get bored with the protagonist. It's this year's Into the Wild, but more 'dank cave' and less 'beautiful Alaskan landscapes'.  Plus, there's a happier ending.

Also, Joan of Arcadia is there for a little while, mostly just to remind us she still exists. And her traveling pants look great!

Best Picture: Hell to the No
Good Movie: Yes
Score: 7/10
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