Apr 25, 2011

Blast From the Past: Discovering iTunes

Editors Note: Guest Blogger Poticklly will occasionally be going back into his old days of online journaling and post entries that pertain to pop culture.  For your enjoyment, here is Poticklly discovering iTunes:


So It has been a landmark day in the [redacted] household. I, The youngest [redacted], had a wonderful day! In the morning, the middle child (my sister, not my daughter) showed me how to use the itunes thingy on our computer. I proceeded to download 13 hours of music from CDs I own onto this little program. It was surprisingly easy. I was very proud of myself because I rarely have the opportunity to accomplish things on Saturday mornings. I then played some of the music. [It] was wicked awesome."

 CDs? Quaint!
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