Apr 19, 2011

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Gets Her Joe Biden On!

BEST NEWS EVER THIS WEEK ALERT!!! When it was announced that a pilot was being ordered for Armando Iannucci's (In the Loop) new show Veep and was starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, we were ecstatic. We here at Tableau Your Mind are big fans of the film In the Loop and The New Adventures of Old Christine, not to mention Seinfeld or anything else Julia Louis-Dreyfus has ever been in. Well, now the show has been picked up to series by HBO!!!

This is amazing, and it gets amazing-er. The show is about a senator who becomes Vice President (of the United States, not of "Killing It", because Louis-Dreyfus is already the President of Killing It) only to become quickly disillusioned by the job. There are a million reasons that this show is going to be great, but, for the sake of brevity, check out the top 9 after the jump:

  • 9. Julia Louis Dreyfus (she of the oft-misspelled name) is comedy gold. Like some people (ex: John Lithgow, Candice Bergen, Don Knotts), she almost seems genetically engineered for television. She understands the pacing and rhythms, has great facial expressions, and goes balls out in everything she does. And as she proved on Christine, nobody plays that perfect mix of sexy, tired, hopeless, and optimistic quite like her.
  • 8. The show will also star Anna Chlumsky (My Girl) and Tony Hale (Arrested Development, Chuck), who individually would be reason enough to tune in.
  • 7. Armando Iannucci did political satire so perfectly in In the Loop (and presumably in the show The Thick of It, which we have only not seen because of its apparent lack of a DVD release). His critiques of government (and the fact that the country is being run by petulant children) is accented in his character's angry West Wing-esque, inside-baseball repartee (Link filled with NSFW language).
  • 6. Possibilities to lampoon this: Oh, Joe
  • 4. Anna Chlumsky, Armando Iannucci, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus are names that are incredibly difficult to spell/pronounce, so it will be fun looking for mistakes in recaps! Grammar High-Five!
  • 3. HBO rarely misses the mark when it comes to comedy (unless you count Entourage, which we will cede had a few good seasons and may not be a comedy). With Flight of the Conchords no longer delighting subscribers with its rapier, hipster Kiwi wit (Ki-wit?), Veep can easily step up to entertain alongside Bored to Death.
  • 2. Julia Louis-Dreyfus hasn't won an Emmy since 2006, so you know she's hungry for one. Sure, that's not that long, but it's a lifetime when you realize that she is (aforementioned) comedy gold
  • 1. This will be the best thing to happen to lady suits since Ally McBeal.
If we had a time machine, we would go to the future when this show was on (after we killed Hitler and hung out with our parents when they were younger) and watch it. Matter of fact, we'll do that.

We just got back. Spoiler alert, it's awesome. I wish you could fit in our time machine.

 Also, Hitler was way more protected than we thought.
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