Jul 19, 2011

New 'Two and a Half Men' Poster Reveals All (and Nothing)

[Photo Source]
CBS released the first promo photo for their new version of Two and a Half Men today, which includes Ashton Kutcher as a new, mysterious character (who is hopefully also a jingle-writing cad). What will be revealed on September 19th? Well, from the look of the poster, it's probably either 'what is John Cryer grimacing at' or 'how is Angus T. Jones (age 17) still considered a half-man'. Of course, there are some other possibilities:

Angus T. Jones is being replaced by fellow half-man (half kitty) MC Skat Kat!
We've always wondered how his cooking smells....now we'll know!
TV Juggernaut, meet Film Juggernaut

We here at Tableau Your Mind don't know what the revelations will be, but we DO know three things: 1) It might involve Ashton Kutcher, 2) We'll be there to see how it all plays out, and 3) It's probably their penises.
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