May 10, 2012

My Cousin Reviews 'The Avengers'

Five days after seeing it in theaters, I'm still formulating my thoughts on The Avengers. However, blogs live and breathe on their ability to be timely and of the moment, and waiting to post a review is neither of those things. With that in mind, I enlisted my cousin, who is eleven and awesome, to write a review of the film and draw pictures as well. He thankfully obliged:
The Hulk destroys/eats at a restaurant
Guest Blogger -
Awesome Cousin

The Avengers was better than I expected. I went to see the movie with my cousin and my uncle. There were a lot of action-packed parts in there, and there were some funny parts, like when 
[Spoiler Alert] the Hulk punched Thor in the face and Thor went flying.

My favorite character was probably the Hulk. I liked him because I relate to him, because I get angry, like, a lot. I like that he’s strong and that his anger sometimes helps. I like that almost nothing could harm him.

I kind of like all of the characters. I even think Loki was cool, and I liked the guy that played him because he was good at playing Loki. He is a good actor, and well, yeah.

I also liked Iron Man, because he has a lot of guts. I mean, he fought Thor and almost won, and Thor is a demi-god.

I give this movie 100 out of 100 Chitauri Soldiers

Loki: Yeah, before I take over the planet and kill you guys,
I'll have a large pepperoni pizza with a huge packet of marinara sauce and garlic sauce.
Operator: What's your form of currency?
Loki: Do you take Intergalactic Space credit card?
Operator: Um, no.
Loki: Damn.

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