Jan 15, 2013

Victor Garber Confirms That He/Everyone is Gay

Victor Garber is so
embarrassed for you right now.
(image source)
Were you upset while watching The Golden Globes that not enough people casually came out?  And not in the way of casually coming out where some cool girl wears Chuck Taylors to her debutante ball and the whole garden club is scandalized. No, the coming out where someone is gay and always has been and it's embarrassing that you didn't know already.

Well, don't be upset any more. After Jodie Foster's confusing, rambling, and melancholic quasi-coming out speech at the Golden Globes, Victor Garber casually came out by finding it ridiculous that you didn't already know.

You didn't know that Victor Garber, the coolest man in the world and Sydney Bristow's dad, was gay? That's adorable. Sit down, we have to tell you some things about Santa Claus and Sylar from Heroes. They're both gay too. It's so cute that you didn't know that.

So, in conclusion, Victor Garber is gay, you should have already known, and it's incredibly attractive when you don't know something and your face makes that little confused puppy expression. This is just like that time we tried to explain K-Pop to you.
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