May 15, 2013

Bea Arthur: Thanks for the Mammaries

this Mona Lisa isn't keeping any secrets
Today, Christie's auction house is selling off artist John Currin's 1991 painting of one Ms. Bea Arthur, star of Maude and The Golden Girls. If that weren't exciting enough, the painting also happens to be a waist-up nude, and Currin isn't leaving much to the imagination. Now, Bea (or Ms. Arthur, if you're nasty) didn't actually pose for the painting; it's merely Currin's artistic guesstimate of what might have been under Ms. Arthur's many floor-length caftans, scarves, and vests. Before you yell "BUMMER!" and close your computer, it should be said that it is still an incredibly striking painting.

Hit the jump for the full monty, and get ready to marvel at the (NSFW) simple strength and poise exuded. Plus, pepperoni nips!

 Bask in it, ladies and gentlemen. We're not worthy.
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