Feb 27, 2015

Good News, Everybody! Llama With A Blue/Gold Dress On

 Some days, the internet gifts you with two amazing things in a single day. Such was the case yesterday, when everyone collectively lost their sh*t over a couple of llamas running free and a dress that was either Blue & Black or White & Gold. Yeah, we're over 50 years past the first man walking on the moon, and now we're just amazed by optical illusions and escaped zoo animals.

Which is not a slam. I love llamas more than any one person should, and I also love infuriating vision tests! Plus, the world, in general, kind of sucks right now. So, as my friend ConStar24 so eloquently put it on Twitter:

Here's to the wacky days! Here's to February 26! And the dress is apparently black and blue, even though I still can't really see it.

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