Apr 26, 2012

30 Rock: Live From Studio 6H! (Updated with West Coast Info)

30 Rock's live episode last night, "Live From Studio 6H," was pretty great and showed us so many things. Sure, the beginning was a little slow and hammy (in a bad way), but it became hilarious and hammy (as in, Jon Hamm-y) in the best way. Even with almost no plot or character progression, we learned so much! Here are just a few of the gems we uncovered:

It's Live! Anything Can Happen!
  1. Leo Spaceman is still the most consistently funny character on the show.
  2. Alec Baldwin is becoming thinner and more orange by the day.
  3. Referencing Mad Men while proposing marriage is the most romantic thing anyone can ever do.
  4. One year of Fox News is taped in two weeks
  5. Tracy Jordan does an incredibly good Nipsey Russell impression (one of the bloggers at Tableau Your Mind does a similarly outdated Paul Lynde impression - it can be frustrating when your good impersonations are so unusable).
  6. Rick Santorum was right!
  7. The Honeymooners is still offensive and ripe for parody.
  8. Pete and Jack are the cutest couple on network television.
  9. The 30 Rock episode "Rosemary's Baby" was referenced, which made us instantly rewatch it on Netflix - still in the top 5 episodes of the show's entire run.
  10. The mayor of Liz's hometown is a car.
  11. Network Synergy is very important. Just ask fellow NBC employees and cameo aficionados Fred Armisen, Donald Glover, Amy Poehler, Will Forte, and Jimmy Fallon.
  12. Speaking of, Fred Armisen can steal a scene by doing very little.
  13. Portion control is everything.
  14. Cheyenne Jackson's character Danny has been in prison in Singapore for the last year.
  15. Paul McCartney doesn't know who he is anymore. Though, even with amnesia, he retains his accent.
  16. General Electric was never a real person.
  17. Jon Hamm is adept at playing an extremely racist character in splotchy blackface and a sexist news anchor. Give that man a character who is prejudiced against something and he will give you the world.
  18. Hazel Wassername is totally willing to 'lez it up' for attention. And in New York, anyone can marry anything now.
  19. Leo Spaceman is a Nazi Doctor and he doesn't care who knows.
  20. A fun way to say Jenna and Hazel is 'Henna and Jazel'
  21. 'Coccyx' is a really hilarious word, and it's also your butt bone.
  22. Tar and nicotine do not, as has been previously reported, make a baby strong and binding.
  23. Ugh, we we going to do 30 of these, but 22 for a twenty-two minute episode seems fitting
  24. Oh, I guess we also learned that Paul has a gynecologist
  25. and Jenna's engagement ring is Liza Minelli's baby tooth
  26. Lutz gets vomit-crazy on live TV
  27. Sometimes when people start saying, "T.G..." the only they can finish with is "S"
  28. That woman worked hard and became a ... wife
  29. The ellipsis is the most often used joke convention on 30 Rock. (See 27 and 28)
  30. Yay! We did 30!
How about you, readers? What did you learn by watching 30 Rock Live? And was the West coast taping any different or tighter? Let us know in the comments section:

West Coast Update:

Kim Kardashian was a better cameo than Sir Paul McCartney, Lutz also ate a Lobster Roll with two yogurts, Cheyenne Jackson sang about football, Nazi Doctor Spaceman was also Homosexual Doctor Spaceman and Test Tube Adult Spaceman, Paul Lynde made a surprise cameo!, Brian Williams was better than Jon Hamm at playing a sexist news anchor, and apparently Jack and Pete’s relationship was on the rocks. The West Coast version of the live episode was tighter than the East Coast version, even if everyone was operating on a lower energy level.
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