Mar 16, 2012

Tableau Your Mind is Back!!!

Why were we gone? Why are we back?
Tableau Your Mind has been gone for about a month, and we are now back. With a vengeance. All we can say is that, after the Oscars, we were wiped out. We really didn't think that something so amazing (our favorite night of television) could be that boring, and we sat through Wagner's Ring Cycle (Highbrow Reference!). Actually, every major pop culture
event this year has been really taxing on our collective psyches, and we needed a break from reporting on it. Culture Fatigue.
*Eye Roll*

This pop-cultural-fatigue was a long time coming. First, there was the whole Superbowl thing, where the game was boring, the commercials weren't funny, and the halftime show was occasionally good (in that not-on-purpose way) but mostly disappointing.  I mean, MIA's middle finger was the most interesting thing at the game, and that is just a sad state of affairs.

Then, we had the Grammy Awards, where noted abuse-advocate and all-around terrible person Chris Brown performed twice AND won a televised Grammy. The Grammys: even more forgiving than Chris Brown's own family.
The Right Leg Heard Around the World

Then came the Academy Awards, where nothing of note happened except for a few bits of racism from Billy Crystal and Angelina Jolie's Right Leg, which we admit was pretty great. She just stood there, doing her best Paula Patton impression - it was totally bonkers.  Not early-90s Jolie bonkers, but certainly mid-90s Jennifer Lopez bonkers.

What we mean to say is, even though this year has already made us a little worn out, we're back and ready for more. Over the next few weeks, we'll be rolling out new articles and introducing a few new types of articles, including 'Obsession of the Week', 'Hard To Watch', and 'Classic, Trash It, or Vlasic.' All will be revealed soon - it's going to be pretty sweet.
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