Mar 28, 2012

Favorite TV Moments: Law & Order Edition

Law & Order was once a tent pole for NBC. It was always there and often provided workplaces, homes, and schools with memorable water cooler moments (or, in the case of the homes and schools, kitchen and juice break moments). However, nothing was quite as memorable as the WTF moment when ADA Serena Southerlyn (played by
Elisabeth Röhmresponded to her firing in the most ridiculous way possible. Sure, her firing was also ridiculous - she's fired for being too passionate during cases, which could apply to every main character in the Law & Order franchise in every case (seriously, it would be weird if the cops in SVU weren't passionate about stopping sexually related crimes). Still, her firing doesn't hold a candle to her response, which is:

"Is This Because I'm a Lesbian?"

Please note that this is a character trait that had never been addressed before, and, given her firing and quick exit from the show, never brought up again. It was an absolutely crazy, from left field response to being fired. She doesn't even seem that mad about it. She's just checking. Check out the video (around the 1:58 mark) for one of the most amazing and confusing TV moments of all time:

Oh, Dick Wolf, you are glorious. Law & Order may be gone from the airwaves, but at least we'll always have this moment, which, in the parting words of Southerlyn, is 'Good...Good.'
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