Mar 18, 2013

'Veep': Season 2 Promo

Veep is Back!
Between worrying about Enlightened's renewal, watching the strange second season of Girls, and anticipating the third season of Game of Thrones, I completely forgot that there was a new season of HBO's Veep on the horizon. Thankfully, the good people at HBO have sent a beacon in the form of a promo video, and it is great. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is back as Selina Meyer, the trash-talking VP who takes the ineffectual nature of her position and runs with it. Most of the cast seems to be returning, and Gary Cole is in this season in an undisclosed role. It's nice to see him back in the Oval Office, since he memorably played the Vice President in The West Wing for the last batch of seasons. From the video below, it seems like the President might be playing some sort of role this year, though hopefully he won't actually appear on-screen (he was unseen for all of last season). Check out the video, and get ready for April 14th:

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