Jul 22, 2013

A Birth Announcement from Her Royal Highness [UPDATE]

Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge) is currently in labor has just given birth, bringing forth (what may one day be) the heir to all of England. Or, the King/Queen of all Great Britain, I'm not really sure. While I'm fascinated by British royalty, I also don't understand it. I just learned last month that Canada doesn't have a demi-King that answers to the British queen. So, I wouldn't be surprised if I was really wrong and this baby is just a normal baby with attractive parents.

But that's not really the point, because, in anticipation of the birth, Tableau Your Mind has attained exclusive access to the surprisingly upbeat announcement from her royal highness, Queen Elizabeth II. It's pretty exciting:

So, welcome to the world, Baby Middleton! And don't piss off your gammy.
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