Jul 3, 2013

Nemo and Darla Part II: Spider...MEN?!

A few weeks ago, my cousins and I wrote a short story titled "Nemo and Darla's Adventures in Crime: Part 1" without any indication of whether there would be a part 2. In this work of fiction, collectively written by myself and my two cousins (age 10 and 13), we followed the lives of a boy, Nemo, and his best friend, a unicorn named Darla. We each took turns writing a sentence, and slowly but surely a strange story emerged.  Well, the first installment was wildly popular, so I forced my cousins to write another chapter (just kidding, they wanted to...I swear). In continuing the series, my cousins and I attempted (ever so slightly) to tell a story with a little more pop-culture relevance, and we accidentally landed on a story about the superhero of the moment. We're talking Spider-man!

Headed to Tobey's
Nemo and Darla started the day by going to visit their friend, Tobey Maguire, AKA Spider-man. They were heading to his house when they heard some terrible news. Some maniac was going around stealing unicorn horns. The newsman said that the maniac had once tried out for the part of Spider-man, and he was stealing the unicorn horns to kill Tobey Maguire, because he was never given the chance to play Spider-man!

Nemo and Darla knew that it would be dangerous, but they set off to find the maniac. First, though, they went to Tobey Maguire's house and made sure that he was beefing up his security. Then, they went to the Empire State Building, where the maniac was maybe pushing women off the top and then trying to save them. To get to the top, Darla offered Nemo a ride on her back. When they got to the top, they found the maniac, but he had already been killed. There were a bunch of unicorn horns stuck in his back.

Murder most foul.
"Who could possibly have done this?" asked Nemo. "Was it Mr. Alphanco, the chef at my school?"

"No, stupid, it was us," said Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire, appearing from behind the door.

"But why did you do it?" asked Darla. She was scared, so she pulled out her uzi and pointed it at the killers.

"We were sick of this guy complaining all the time," said Andrew.
Darla always carries a gun

"He was so whiny," added Tobey.

But who was this mysterious maniac, and was he even a maniac at all?  Darla and Nemo pulled off the mask of the mysterious, dead 'maniac.'  He was none other than…the librarian at Darla's school! And Darla was all like "Oh, NO, Mr. Bobby! I had a book out, and now I’ll never be able to return it!"  Darla and Nemo cried, and while they cried Andrew and Tobey used prop webs to swing away and make their escape.

After they were all cried out, Nemo and Darla put on their angry faces and went in search of the murderers. They caught up to Andrew and Tobey when they stopped to rest on a building nearby.

I'd watch this.
"You guys are under arrest!" shouted Nemo. Nemo called the cops and Andrew and Tobey were sent to jail. The mayor was proud of the two heroes. He gave them more chimichangas and let them play Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy in the new Spider-man movie.

The End?
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