Jan 8, 2014

Tableau Your Mind Turns 3! [Happy Birthday]

As of today, this blog is officially three years old! I started it way back in January 2011 - I had been thinking about starting a blog for a lot longer, but I couldn't actually make the first step. Then, one day, a friend sat me down and told me that I was driving her crazy with incessant conversations about movies and TV shows. If I wrote my thoughts down, she reasoned, she could just read them. Then, there would be no more growing resentment as I waxed poetic about things like the similarities between Ally McBeal and Alias (when she was trying to talk about politics or something). She gave me the push I needed to start Tableau Your Mind, a blog with a name that doesn't really make sense and a fairly unclear focus in terms of subject matter.

And it has been great. Writing these posts (and drawing pictures) has truly been a wonderful
experience. In many ways, I started this blog for myself, as a way to prove that my opinions are valid and that my degree in Film & Media Studies is useful. Still, as much as this blog is a personal endeavor, I'm still really happy that people actually read it. So, thank YOU, every person who lands on this blog. You're the best!

Also, thank you to the many people who contribute to this blog, either by writing posts or by helping me come up with ideas. Your posts and suggestions keep this blog from sounding like a lone lunatic, shouting nonsense into space. Finally, I want to thank my friend whose exasperation inspired me to go digital with my opinions in the first place. And the joke's on her, because I still talk about pop culture all the time. There aren't enough blog posts in the world to shut me up.

Man, with three years under my belt, this whole thing is starting to actually feel real. So, here's to at least another year...maybe!
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