Jan 31, 2014

30 Rock: 1 Year Later

Do it for Television!
One year ago today, my favorite television show OF ALL TIME aired its final episode. That's right, 30 Rock has been gone from the airwaves for 365 days. After 7 seasons (many of them truncated), Liz and Jack rode off into the sunset, never to be heard from again. Except for in my fan fiction, where they're both fighting for their lives in a post-apocalyptic hellspace. Obviously, everyone has a mohawk, and eye patches are plentiful.

Over this past year, it's been nice to see the cast pop up time and again on other television shows and films.  Jane Krakowski has been making the sitcom rounds, and her Trop50 ads have become a television staple. Tina Fey pops up time and again, hosting awards shows and securing sitcom deals, thus guaranteeing that her rapier wit will remain on our screens for years to come. Even Jack McBrayer has been on The Middle quite a few
times. And we're pretty sure that Scott Adsit is out there somewhere, making the world a funnier place.

Of course, not every 30 Rock actor's year has been great. Alec Baldwin has been on our radar, for sure, but that's mostly for terrible things that he does and says. But he was also in Blue Jasmine, so...yay? And I think Tracy Morgan said something homophobic about stabbing his son, but it's difficult to know now which of his many gaffes was the most recent.
Anyway, the continued presence of 30 Rock's shining stars (on television sets and movie screens) in no way diminishes the sadness I feel in its absence. If anything, it only magnifies it. Sure, it's great to see that many the show's stars are still commercially viable and funny, but it really only makes me all the more aware that the show is gone, that TGS will never air another poorly constructed and hastily written sketch. Sometimes, I like to think about what Liz and her husband Criss Chros are up to. I imagine that raising two children is hard and hilarious.  I wonder if Jenna and Paul are still keeping it weird. I hope that Jack has effectively moved on from his mother's death and making the clear dishwashers of his dreams.

I don't really have a larger point to make, except to say that I miss those nerds.

Lemon out!
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