Jan 22, 2014

Best of 2013: A Year With Jennifer Lawrence, A Year Without Kristen Stewart

J Law: Bringing It.
Maddeningly (to me and no one else), I have yet to finish my "Best of 2013" round-up. I'm Richard MAD-den at myself. I'm Tyler Perry's A MAD-ea Christmas. I'm Mäd-chen Amick about my procrastinatory nature. So, in an effort to get this 2013 coverage rolling (and to stall a little longer), let's talk about a person who definitely won 2013. And that person is Jennifer Lawrence.

Now, people in my head, before you yell at me for writing another post about a blonde lady, it was undeniably Jennifer Lawrence's year (along with fellow blonde lady Beyoncé). She starred in the highest grossing film of the year AND got some sweet accolades for her performance in American Hustle. She also dominated the public consciousness, seemingly popping up at press conferences and talk shows every few days
with a new soundbite. Who cares if her role in American Hustle was for someone 10 years her senior? Who cares if she waxes poetically about how awesome food is while looking like an American stick insect? She is Jennifer Lawrence: The World's Best Friend. 

K Stew: Not Bringing It.
But if I can get real with you for a second (and I can, because I run this mother), part of her 2013 ascendance was due, in part, to the relative absence of her contemporaries (20-something women who have successfully 'above-the-title' starred in an Action/Superhero/Wizard franchise). Emma Stone only had two live-action film releases in 2013, both of which fizzled at the box office and were quickly forgotten. Emma Watson gave memorable performances in The Bling Ring and This Is The End but seemed content to stay away from the press for most of the year. And Kristen Stewart had zero movies come out in 2013.

Yeah, you read that right. ZERO! CERO! нульовий, which is Ukrainian for 'zero'! It's like one of those 'Stars, they're just like us' moments. Kristen Stewart buys her own groceries, gets her nails done in front of windows, and doesn't act in major motion pictures...just like us! Thankfully(?), Kristen Stewart will bring her patented mouth quiver/vacant stare/indecipherable muttering to not one, not two, but THREE films in 2014, one of which has already premiered at Sundance. So, rejoice..and fear her return!

Honestly, this started out as a Jennifer Lawrence post, but now I'm all about K-Stew. As I often am. Because I'm moderately obsessed with her.

For those of you who hate Kristen Stewart, Welcome to HELL! To everyone else, welcome to 2014!
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