Mar 7, 2011

Goodbye, Greek Part 2

[Spoiler Alert]

So the end of Greek saw the end of the Kappa Tau house, but the show lives on 'past houses, past college.' Many people turn up to say goodbye, and Rusty finally gains the confidence he so desperately needs.  Ashleigh finally grows a pair and confesses her true feelings to Rusty (WHAT?!) and they have an ending that is as adorable and twee as it seems. Casey stops going with the flow and makes a decision that isn't borne of
convenience and heads off into the future with Cappie in tow (Captain John Paul Jones, that is).  Evan and Rebecca may have realized their true feelings for one another, but the relationship that rocked the Zeta Beta Zeta house with infidelity and scores of bitchiness on the very first episode ends on a bit of a cliffhanger - with possibility. Even Dale gets a romantic happy ending (I really hope Clark Duke gets more work after this).

But this isn't a show simply about romantic relationships. It's about friendship, it's about loyalty, it's about awesomeness. It's about people figuring out what their purpose is, as Cappie so aptly says. And as Cappie passes his ass-dented chair cushion on to Rusty at the end of the episode, it's all the more obvious how far these characters have come. Ashleigh is breaking into new and unexplored territory, Rebecca (Golden Lily in hand) and Rusty are taking leadership positions in stride, Evan is building connections with his family and generally has stopped sucking, and Dale gets some from Casey (okay, so it's not all serious).

And the series ends with Casey and Rusty, hugging goodbye as they both move on to the next great adventure, both on unsteady footing. It's not a perfectly tied together ending, but it has a quiet brilliance. It's sad that, unlike Cappie with Casey, we can't travel where they're going.

Finale: A+
Series: A

Do you remember that terrible Matthew McConaughey movie?
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