Mar 26, 2011

International Tom Hanks Day: T. Hanks for the Greatness

Smiling His Way Into Our Hearts
Today is International Tom Hanks Day, and we here at Tableau Your Mind have been anxiously anticipating it. Tom Hanks is an actor that everyone loves, and the most deserving of an international day of honor (let lesser actors have streets in their hometowns named after them). So, to honor this square-jawed man of men, this ultimate mensch, we here at Tableau have decided to look back and quickly review all of the films that Tom Hanks has acted in so far (though, to be fair, we haven’t seen two of them). Enjoy the reviews after the jump, with special reviewing by Guest Blogger Road Warrior.

He Knows You’re Alone: Apparently, Tom Hanks was so likeable while making this film that the creators didn’t want to kill his character, so they rewrote the script.

Splash: Darryl Hannah’s tasteful nudity got way more attention than Hanks, who gives a delightfully ‘aw-shucks’ performance.

Bachelor Party: Hanks’ first foray into ‘Dude’ comedy, and the second of his films to spawn a half-hearted sequel.

The Man with One Red Shoe: A case of mistaken identity (think The Man Who Knew Too Little) that should not be mistaken for a good movie.

Volunteers: Let the film stand as the movie where Hanks met future wife Rita Wilson and forget the rest of it all together.

The Money Pit: "Two Weeks"

Nothing in Common: Apparently an important move in the maturation of Hanks as an actor, so I guess this movie is to blame for The Bonfire of the Vanities.

Every Time We Say Goodbye: Yeah, not even going to pretend to have seen this, but check it out for its use of the not-often-used Judezmo language.

Dragnet: This video says it all: BOOM!

Big: Really the best movie about people aging way too quickly, among great films like 13 Going on 30 or Indiana Jones.

Punchline: Sally Field as a stand-up comedian = Best…Movie…Ever(?)

Turner & Hooch: Wait, which one was Turner and which one was Hooch?

The ‘Burbs: Weirdest sequel to The Goonies, hands down.

Joe Versus the Volcano: Hanks and Meg Ryan’s first film together, where she plays a triple role and both of them show how amazing their chemistry is (plus, there are volcano special effects!).

The Bonfire of the Vanities: Terrible, but in a fun way. [Ed. Note: Check out NYMag's recent coverage of Bonfire, with interesting, Tom Hanks-related insight HERE]

A League of Their Own: There may not be any crying in baseball, but there is plenty of room for an amazing movie in baseball (that was a stretch). Filmed in the Hollywood of the Midwest, this film is where Madonna and Rosie O’Donnell became besties, which is both the weirdest thing and the most amazing thing in the world.

Radio Flyer: See Every Time We Say Goodbye, minus the Judezmo.

Sleepless in Seattle: The best movie about a stalkerish woman who gets everything she wants with very few consequences, and Bill Pullman gets to play one of his many roles where he doesn’t get the girl.

Philadelphia: AIDS + amazing acting = Oscar Gold, and well-deserved.

Forrest Gump: Slightly special needs + amazing acting = Oscar Gold (he just kept running and running and running)

Apollo 13: Way better than the previous 12.

Toy Story: The first Pixar feature-length film, and Hanks proves to be just as adept at voice acting as he is at regular acting.

That Thing You Do!: His directorial and writing debut and a really great film. He basically did that thing he did.

Saving Private Ryan: Spoiler Alert: They save him, but at what cost?!

You’ve Got Mail: Hanks and Ryan: Part Trois, this time with Technology and Hanks' strangest on-screen best friend, Dave Chappelle.

Toy Story 2: Adding Joan Cusack was a great decision, and this second turn for the franchise proved to be more emotionally resonant, with deep stories from Hanks’ Woody and Cusack’s Jessie.

The Green Mile: While Meg Ryan is his ultimate counterpart, never has a relationship seemed as natural as the one between Hanks and Bonnie Hunt in this stirring, emotionally wrenching film.

Cast Away: Spoiler Alert: Wilson doesn’t make it.

Road to Perdition: More like Road to Creepy.

Catch Me If You Can: Christmases have never been this poignant or this sad.

The Terminal: More like The Interminable. That's probably too mean.

The Ladykillers: It’s not very good, but a southern Tom Hanks is an amusing Tom Hanks.

Elvis Has Left the Building: You can watch this movie and not know that Hanks is in it. Keep your eyes peeled!

The Polar Express: Can you say “Uncanny Valley?" Still, exciting in 3-D!

The Da Vinci Code: Audrey Tautou and Hanks have as much chemistry in this movie as Katherine Heigl has with anyone (which basically means none).

Cars: He’s barely in it, but hooray for the Bonnie Hunt/Hanks re-pairing!

The Simpsons Movie: Yeah, he’s in it, and yeah, he mocks himself with great zest.

Charlie Wilson’s War: Cocaine, hookers and all other manner of bad deeds are forgiven if your assistant is as adorable as Amy Adams.  Plus, Julia Roberts’ grin and infectious laugh make an appearance.

The Great Buck Howard: Hanks’ cameo is fleeting, but his son gives a great, quiet performance.

Angels and Demons: A huge improvement from the original, and Tom Hanks is great at playing a skeptic.

Toy Story 3: See Tableau's review.  Also, see movies 1 and 2.

So those are the films of Tom Hanks so far.  And the man is just getting started!

Also, International Tom Hanks Day is also a day to learn more about and donate to Lifeline Energy.  Head over to their website to see how you can do both:
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