Mar 11, 2011

Guilty Pleasures are No Longer Guilty!

Often my tastes are described as indiscriminate. I will watch basically anything, regardless of personal enjoyment.  And sometimes I love movies and TV shows that are considered less than critically lauded. And I hide that love, and pretend I hate movies like Miss Congeniality and totally love Casablanca (not that I hate it, I just haven't seen it). But no more will I hide in shame! A regular reader of the blog I Don't Feel Bad About It, I finally want to tell everyone my innermost desires without shame. So it is with clear eyes and a full heart (can't lose!), I am happy to say that I really want to see the critically panned and ridiculous looking...
Red Riding Hood.  It really has everything I'm looking for in a movie, plus Gary Oldman.

I immediately regret this openness.
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