Sep 6, 2012

Bad Lip-Reading of Twilight [Best Ever]

The good people of Bad Lip-Reading, who have provided us with so many laughs with their ingenious lip dubs of politicians, movie trailers, and more, have finally hit the mother load with their newest video that endeavors to lip-read the stars and infamous low-talkers of Twilight:

This brilliant dialogue, some of which we've highlighted below, actually deepens our understanding of the world and of the characters. Mouses have wee-wees, Bella spits on her brother Kevin, Edward is very protective of the cake he created and wants to make some seafood, and a girl's tongue smells bad if she eats cheese or an egg. Honestly, Edward and Bella are more orally fixated then we Twihards could have ever hoped  All they talk about is spit and food!

A monologue any young actress would be honored to bring to the screen
Twilight has never made this much sense.
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