Jun 3, 2012

Interview: January Jones's Fat Suit

With the return of 'Fat Betty' Francis on last night's Mad Men, Tableau Your Mind sat down with January Jones's Fat Suit for a quick conversation on working with the Emmy-nominated actress, her previous vaulted career work, and what's next for her character on AMC's hit show.

Tableau: It's really an honor to sit down with you. It's been great seeing your work on Mad Men this season.
Fat Suit: Thank you, It's been a pleasure working with such amazing actors like Jon Hamm and Kiernan Shipka.

T: And January Jones?
FS: Sure, why not? You know, one thing I will say is that, usually, actresses get really hot when they're in me and tend to complain. With January, she never overheated. If anything, she got colder. I also loved the work we did in my second episode in that scene with Jessica
Pare (Megan Draper). My mom cried when she watched it.

T: And what was it like working on-set with January during her highly publicized pregnancy?
FS: It certainly was interesting. I don't know who the father is, if that's what you're asking. Usually I get put on very thin actresses, so it was actually nice to be on someone who had a bit of heft to her. Apparently, even before the pregnancy, everyone on the set gave January a wide berth, so it was fairly easy to move around. It wasn't at all like some of my previous work, when I was crammed next to adoring fans and doting crew members.

T: Such as?
FS: Well, when I was Courteney Cox's fat suit on Friends, it was a constant barrage of praise, and deservedly so. That woman is a national treasure.

T: I had no idea you were a Friends Alum!
FS: Ugh, my IMDB page is an absolute wreck. I keep trying to edit it, but people keep deleting my filmography and adding photos of baby hippos and Marshmallow Fluff.

T: That's terrible
FS: It's my own fault. In a previous interview I did with Nylon, I mentioned that I did a snuff film with a baby hippo and a jar of Marshmallow Fluff. I did get my SAG card by doing it, though, so no complaints.

T: Hmm. Back to Mad Men. Any juicy gossip from the set?
FS: Well, I've only been in a few episodes this season. I will say that the costuming department is a dream. Sometimes it can be difficult to fit clothes to my frame, but Janie Bryant is a genius. The clothes she had me in this last episode were particularly amazing, and helped show that even us non-size-2s have a figure. Some of us are made a little bigger and a little more luscious.

T: And Matthew Weiner?
FS: Oh, the Weens is freaking amazing. Really, I'm his biggest fan. I was a fan of the show since way back. A friend of mine actually played Elisabeth Moss's fat suit in Season 1, and you better believe I tuned in to support my gurl! Oh, when you type this out, could you make sure to spell 'girl' with a 'u' so that your readers get the point I'm trying to get across. And edit out that sentence where I explain it.

T: Sure thing. I don't want to keep you, Fat Suit, but can you give some scoop for the finale next week, and what's in store for you next season?
FS: Well, Matt's got us all under his super-understandably-paranoid thumb, so mums the word. With Betty's rapidly lowering weight, I'm not even sure if I will be around next season. I will say that the finale is a great showcase for the actors and propels the show in a great new direction for next season. And Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is Purgatory.

T: Thanks so much.
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