Jun 20, 2012

Trailer Dump: This Is What We've Become


So, the last few posts that we've done have basically been excuses to link to something awesome on YouTube.  Which is cool and all, but at one point this blog was going to be a semi-humorous but in-depth look at all things pop culture. Where have we faltered, what have we become?  Ehh, screw it, here are some trailers for movies that we maybe want to see. We'll rate them and add some thoughts, because otherwise there's really no point:

Monsters University

It's been quite a few years (11!) since Monsters Inc. It's difficult to compare Pixar movies, because they are almost all awesome (except for Cars and Cars 2), but Monsters Inc. is pretty near the top. And now, Pixar brings us the story of Mike and Sully: the College Years. There's little in terms of plot in this minute-long teaser trailer, but even with a short run time it is clear that some of the magic is missing from this prequel. Without Boo, the film will probably still be funny, but starting so far in the past robs viewers of the beautiful friendships that were made in the first film. Of course we'll watch this movie (multiple times, probably), but it will be with decidedly less excitement.
Trailer Score: A-

 Anna Karenina

So apparently Keira Knightley is making The Duchess: Part Deux? Seriously, though, this movie (based on that important book by Tolstoy that everyone is supposed to read but it seems really boring so NO DICE) seems like very familiar territory for the British actress, who was actually starting to surprise us with great performances in A Dangerous Method and Seeking A Friend for the End of the World. Here, she's back in a corset and back in her comfort zone. The Duchess was a terrible movie (guest blogger Square Peg would vehemently disagree), but it was a beautiful film, and this movie looks to be at least as beautiful. Also, it's written by Tom Stoppard and directed by Joe Wright (who directed Hanna and Knightley's Pride and Prejudice, two films we very much liked). So, pretty high hopes for this one. Also, it's got a great supporting cast, with Michelle Dockery, Jude Law, Olivia Williams, Kelly MacDonald, Emily Watson, and Matthew MacFadyenKick-Ass is in it.
Trailer Score: B

Pitch Perfect

We can't necessarily say we hate the idea of this movie. It's like  Bring It On mixed with Step Up with a dash of Best In Show and Glee. Basically, it's a crazy mix of every competition movie ever made with a healthy dose of Rebel Wilson. As blogger I DON'T FEEL BAD ABOUT IT pointed out, Rebel Wilson is probably reason enough to love this movie. They also have a noted Broadway director at the helm, and Elizabeth Banks produced and appears in it. Still, Brittany Snow plus an overall corny feel to the trailer have us worried.
Trailer Score: B-
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