Jun 18, 2012

Life of Pi: Totally Tiny Teaser Trailer

I really hate for two posts in a row to be just links to YouTube videos, but seeing this super tiny teaser trailer for Life of Pi made me so excited that I had to post something.

Life of Pi the movie (directed by Ang Lee) is based of Life of Pi the book, one of the most stirring, emotionally daring, and thoughtfully melancholic pieces of literature that has been written. Ever. In terms of amazing, pseudo-biographies, I'm even putting it above the highly praised Matt Damon: An Unauthorized Biography (yeah, I went there).

Published in 2001 and written by Yann Martel, Life of Pi tells the story of Pi, a well-meaning boy tossed into the sea with a rag-tag bunch of zoo animals as his only companions. Where nothing is as simple or as dangerous as it once appears, Martel crafts a compelling world from the simplest and silliest of constructs. And it's devastatingly sad. Haunting, even.
I'm interested to see what Ang Lee does with the material. He's great at underplaying moments and creating tension through silence. So, as of right now, color me thrilled.

Life of Pi opens in November 2012
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