Jun 29, 2012

Magic Mike: The Musical?

So, apparently Magic Mike, the stripper bio-pic starring Channing Tatum and Alex "unremarkable" Pettyfer, is already in the early stages of being made into a musical. No, I'm sorry, A MUSICAL (these are not spirit fingers - THESE are spirit fingers)! Now, this does bring our dream of seeing 'Carol' Channing Tatum one step closer to reality, and Tatum and Soderbergh have been tapped to produce it. Still, it all seems a little rushed. I mean, Newsies took 20 years to make it from screen to stage, and The Lion King took at least 3. Why the rush, Chi-Tat?

Get Your Papes!
Of course, maybe now is the time for a stripper musical, in the way that now is also the time for a Newsies musical, apparently. We are the 99% and what have you.

Also, it's been ages since anyone has talked about The Full Monty, and a Magic Mike-sical will, in theory, have more attractive people stripping.

I don't know, we're on the fence on this one. Thoughts?
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