Nov 11, 2012

Christina Ricci on The Good Wife

Tableau Your Minders!
John Lutz and Christna Ricci spice up The Good Wife

Christina Ricci, who is a totally normal-looking person and not a grown-up Bratz doll, is going to be on The Good Wife tonight. And she's going to be a comedian (or comedienne, if you're Joy Behar) embroiled in some sort of shocking television imbroglio that might land her in the slammer!

That's right, it's time for the semi-annual fun episode of The Good Wife, where serious plotlines and murderous ex-husbands are thrown out the window for a good old-fashioned chuckle fest. Of course, this also means that something serious will also probably happen near the end of the episode to shock you and move the show in a completely new direction. We know this because it is the middle of
'sweeps', and because OF COURSE!

The episode will also feature comedian, actor, and 30 Rock punching bag John Lutz, and Amanda Peet is returning after her measured and surprisingly great performance last week. So, we are pretty psyched about tonight. We are, however, a little worried about Christina Ricci playing a comedian. She's very funny in The Addams Family and The Addams Family 2: Values, but we aren't sure she's gut-bustingly hilarious. Fingers crossed!

We're going to grab some marshMALLOWs and watch the crap out of this. Chum-hum The Good Wife to find out when it's playing in your neighborhood. 
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