May 19, 2011

Hipster Babies

It's easy to hate on ‘Hipster’ culture. Hell, a recent episode of ABC’s Happy Endings compared them to zombies! We make fun of these people, because they engage in what seems to be non-human, emotionless behavior. Often, hipsters do act in a very affected manner, wherein they enjoy everything ironically and/or effort is seen as a negative (the word ‘hipster’ has been around for 40+ years, but this is the definition of its current incarnation).

However, it's important to see that, much like The Muppets were at one time Muppet Babies, so too were Hipsters once Hipster Babies. In order to make people realize that hipsters are people too, we here at Tableau Your Mind will be looking back at hipsters when they were just babies, innocent and a teensy bit passive aggressive. Maybe, it will restore the humanity…in all of us.

A Little Hipster Baby
These hipster babies will be popping up in many future articles, as well as on their own, to give their opinions from time to time. Just look for the Hipster Baby tag!
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