May 17, 2011

Pan Am Picked up by ABC

Ricci, Rockin' a Pillbox hat
The list of new fall shows for the four main networks are being announced this week (at Network Upfronts). I really wish I was devoting more of my free time to writing about it, but for now I just wanted to take a moment to be excited. Pan Am has been announced as a new show this fall on ABC! You can read all about the show HERE, but it's basically about flight attendants (or air hostesses or stewardesses, whatever is more period-specific) and pilots in the 1960s. It's got all kinds of Mad Men-like fun, plus the added bonus of Christina Ricci - she of the googly eyes, long legs, and tiny waist. The promo clip is promising, and I really can't see anything wrong with more TV time with Ricci, who, in the promo photos, looks awesome and pixie-esque in her tininess. She was great in her two-parter on Grey's Anatomy 3 or 4 years ago, and she was obviously very very in Casper. She alone makes this must-see television.

Once the 'news' from upfronts is fully digested, I will be posting my overall impressions. Still, this is probably the best news that I've heard thus far (besides the Krysten Ritter/James Van Der Beek pilot getting picked up)! After the jump, check out a totally adorable video of Christina Ricci acting like a strange mix of a forty-year-old and a ten-year-old.

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