May 21, 2011

Lady Rizo: Channeling Nina Simone on Rapture Eve

There was no better way to spend Rapture Eve than with Lady Rizo, who, in one of her best shows to date, channeled the 'mash-up queen,' Nina Simone. As with all Lady Rizo shows, it was an ever swinging pendulum of emotions, at one point melancholic, the next filled with laughter.

It's an occasion where the pieces of a puzzle don't make the whole. Any of the elements of the performance - from her rose petal sex to her special guests - stand out as unorthodox, but together they make an amazing whole. There's even burlesque, and not the cutesy
non-burlesque of Burlesque the movie (burlesque). Also, not that it needs to be said, Lady Rizo can really belt one out. I feel like she and Ellen Greene are at the top of the list in terms of "Emoting While Singing." She just is better. Rather than expound on the Joe's Pub show, which was amazing, I'm just going to post my three favorite Rizo quotes of the night:

"Everybody Kegel! Rapture!"

"I am who I think I used to be" [sic]

"Tartar Sauce in my eye! Ow, that stings!"

So, yeah, BAM! Raptured!
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