Sep 28, 2012

Doctor Who: Biggest WTF Moment [Amy Pond Week]

The Doctor Prepares to Melt Fake Amy
We've seen a lot of things on the last two series of Doctor Who that have surprised us.  Silurians were on Earth before humans, whatever holds the image of an Angel is an Angel, River Song is Melody Pond. This show loves playing with expectations, throwing a curve ball, doing a complete 180, and tons of other cliches. For us, though, the biggest WTF moment of the last two seasons has to be the discovery that Amy Pond was a Flesh duplicate for several episodes before being outed as such (and then melted) by the doctor.

The Flesh are an interesting enemy, which we detailed a little bit in a previous post. The actual flesh is a learning, growing substance which can effectively mimic human speech and
emotions and is controlled via a psychic up-link with the person it is mimicking.  However, the Flesh is also a tiny bit sentient, which brings up all kinds of questions about what makes a person a person.

At the end of the two episodes that we spend with the Flesh, Amy finds out that she is, in fact, a Flesh doppelganger as well. WTF! Everything  we thought we knew was a lie! Black is White, Up is Down, ETC! Never have we been as shocked by Doctor Who than in this 30-second moment:

We're not sure Doctor Who will ever be as shocking as this moment again, but we've learned to never say never when it comes to the Doctor. Tomorrow's episode may be the shocking-est one yet.
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