Sep 28, 2012

Rory Williams: A Companion's Companion

We've been spending a lot of time this week talking about Amy Pond, the Girl Who Waited, but in the process we've neglected the most important man in her life. No… not the Doctor. He's only the most important man in everyone else's life. Of course, the man who's the best-of-the-best for Amy is her dopey husband, Rory Williams.

When Rory was first introduced in the beginning of Series 5, he seemed kind of like a one-off character. Amy was clearly more interested in the Doctor than she was in him, and her impending nuptials only seemed like a distraction rather than an actual, viable story line. What has developed over the past
two Series, though, is an interesting look at a relationship aboard the TARDIS, a relationship that is fairly fleshed out and rich in detail. It's also a relationship that thankfully doesn't exist in that weird, Doctor/Companion uncomfortable space that Rose Tyler and Martha Jones inhabited. Since Amy is, in many ways, extremely similar to the Doctor, it was nice to have another voice added into the mix.

Rory is Erased
And when he died (the first time), it was one of the most evocative moments that the series has ever pulled off. Even though it was eventually backtracked and everything was rewritten (literally everything – all of existence was remade), those were some frakking emotional scenes, made even more powerful by Amy's losing all memory of him moments later. He didn't just die, he never existed, and with that the entire dynamic of the series changed.

Rory may not be one of the greatest characters in the Doctor Who-niverse, but he is one of the most stable, dependable, and honest characters. And in a world with bendy time and space travel, that means something. 
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