Sep 18, 2012

Weeds Series Finale: Some Thoughts

Goodbye, Weeds.

We can’t say that you’ll be missed. You were basically a guest who stayed way too long at a party. We’re already unloading the dishwasher - go home, already!

Still, for a while there, you were brilliant, simultaneously an effortless and hilarious satire of suburban life and an interesting look into the drug trade. In a half hour and for eight seasons, you often delighted us with your wit, telling the most amazing stories.

And Mary-Louise Parker and Justin Kirk were wonderful. Parker, with her wide eyes and dopey innocence in the face of too much tragedy, and Kirk with his pinched face and body tics. They are two people so perfectly able to pull emotion from seemingly dry and dead situations.

So goodbye to Agrestic, Ren Mar, Mexico, New York, Old Sandwich, Regrestic, and all the other places you’ve been. Goodbye to weed and hash and the other drugs you sold. Goodbye to Silas and Shane; goodbye to forgettable Stevie. Goodbye to Nancy and her four husbands and three baby daddies and the other many men in her life.

We loved having you in our home because you were surprising and crazy. Don’t forget your coat. We really should do this again sometime.  Earlier, maybe, and at a neutral location.

Goodbye, Weeds. We’ll slurp a half-empty iced coffee in your honor.

Season 8 Grade: C+
Series Grade: B-
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