Aug 8, 2016

It's Been a While

Hey, e'erybody!  I haven't posted anything in about 5 months, which means this blog is basically on life support with very little chance of recovery. After a year of watching a movie a day, I entered into 2016 with a little bit of Pop Culture Fatigue (Or PCF). That PCF was compounded by a year that kept thwarting me at every turn with celebrity deaths, disappointing films (some original, some the newest entries in franchises that are wheezing to their conclusions), and an American political system that really makes you question the whole idea of democracy.

However, with the Olympics, and Netflix's Stranger Things, and a fall TV slate that seems appealing, I'm starting to crawl out and embrace the world again. Which is a long way of saying that I'm officially returning to this page for an indeterminate period of time to write about all things poppy once more. I mean, where else can I express my complicated thoughts about the Gilmore Girls reboot?

PCF be damned.

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