Nov 20, 2013

Balthrop, Alabama: Drawstravaganza!

Last night, I had the distinct pleasure of going to see Balthrop, Alabama at Joe's Pub (which I realize I've written about for two posts in a row, but I-go-there-a-lot-so-get-off-my-back!). Balthrop, Alabama is one of my all-time favorite bands. I just can't get enough of them.

As a bonus, Joe's Pub and artist-in-residence Michael Arthur teamed up with Tumblr to add an audience, live-drawing aspect to the show. Now, Michael Arthur AKA Toxie Goodwater already live-draws the shows, but last night the audience was invited to join him. Now, I've never live-drawn anything, really, but I gave it a shot and here are my results:

The band is actually ginormous, but I focused on the people I could actually see from where I was sitting. I may color these in at some point, but for now I'mma leave 'em in B&W.


Nov 12, 2013

My Pop Culture Weekend: Nov 9-10

When I wrote my first 'My Pop Culture Weekend' back in June (!), I sort of had the idea that they would be a regular event - a way to showcase just how much I watch in a given 48 hours. However, I was so busy watching movies and television and listening to music that I kind of forgot to write about it. My bad. Obviously, the only thing that could break me out of this pattern was to have the MOST EPIC POP CULTURE WEEKEND of all time, which is what I had this weekend.

In theory I would list all the things that I watched and listened to and talk about how I feel about 'em, but there was really one event that made this past weekend so legendary. So, here's a quick list of everything else I watched/listened to:

Nov 5, 2013

Woody Allen 'Makes Love' *shudder*

This is the first post I've written in over a month, and I have come back to ask you all a very serious question how long has it been since you've ralphed? Like, when was the last time you had a seriously good vomit sesh in the back of a Ford Pinto, PT Cruiser, or whatever cool car the kids are throwing up in these days?

Well, if you're in the need of a good chuck (of the 'up' variety), then check out this Supercut
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