Mar 18, 2016

'She's The Man' Turns 10

She's the Man is now a 10-year-old movie. Which makes me feel old, but also officially makes the movie a classic, since it totally holds up.  In honor of its anniversary, here are 10 legit reasons you should watch/rewatch this gem:

Amanda Bynes!
This is her finest moment. Bynes gets to showcase her sassy charm AND her amazing physical comedy skills. 

Soccer That's Fun to Watch!
Between this and Bend it Like Beckham, soccer is basically the go-to sport for female empowerment.

Channing Tatum!
He's so charming and dumb. Also, this movie came out about 6 months before Step Up, so it's really the last role of Tatum's before he rocketed to superstardom.

Best Modern Shakespeare Adaptation Ever!
Yeah, I love 10 Things I Hate About You. But this reimagining of Twelfth Night has so much more spunk and personality. It's also written by the same screenwriters, so let's not make this a competition.  Plus, 10 Things I Hate About You didn't have...

David Cross!
Sure, he's sidelined for the majority of the movie, but he's a fun side character who gets to tell the world about the silent sufferers of Alopecia. It's not never-nude territory, but it's still very real.

Lots of Mrs. Doubtfire Goodness!
And by that, I mean there is a ton of fun with cross-dressing. The movie basically has 50 shower scenes that Bynes' Viola has to navigate.  And then there's a kissing booth scene and a strategically used bouncy house. It's all good fun. Plus, there's even a scene where Viola gets a makeover to look like her brother. It's a montage, and it's excellent.

Fun with Tampons!
Seriously, they're very absorbent.

Vinnie Jones!
Vinnie "I'm the Juggernaut, Bitch" Jones plays the soccer coach, and he's a delight. He's just as gruff and ornery as he is in every other movie in which he appears, but he also has this egalitarian spirit and harrumph-y charm that wins you over.

Okay, this was already listed, but it bears repeating how funny and sweet she is in this movie. Sure, when she cross-dresses she looks like a pre-pubescenet Zac Efron, but even that doesn't hide her awesome.

A Delightfully Pro-Feminist Message!
Sure, the film gets a little weighed down by the "I'm a girl pretending to be a boy" premise, but there is a strong message in the film about following your dreams (like High School Musical, but with less auto-tune) regardless of how right or wrong they appear to the people around you. Women can be rough-and-tumble and hate cotillions, Men can be in touch with their feelings.

So go watch She's the Man. And, if possible, watch it on DVD with the commentary track on, because it's a really good one.
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