Dec 20, 2011

Blast From The Past: North Korea

North 'Vin Diesel' Korea
Editor’s Note: Guest Blogger Poticklly occasionally goes back into his old days of online journaling and posts entries that pertain to pop culture.  Given the recent death of Kim Jong-il and the possible craziness that could be going on over there in North Korea, here are Poticklly’s thoughts in regards to North Korea as it pertaines to the classic Vin Diesel film, The Pacifier, and North Korea's WMDs. Just a forewarning, the Poticklly of the past was kind of a little bitch.

I saw the new Vin Diesel movie

I went to see it with [redacted]. This movie sucked hardcore, but, sadly, I enjoyed it. It was

Dec 16, 2011

Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh My God!

Guest Blogger Gemma-Fart-a-ton has something to say:

We all love the 'Centipedes? In my vagina?' model.  We love her:

Dec 15, 2011

TV Review: Let's Talk New Shows

It’s that time of year again. Stockings are being hung by the chimney with care, Menorahs are being attractively displayed in windows, and I begin the holiday tradition known as the Network Television Holiday Break. Every year, shows abandon me, sometimes for over a month, and I, in turn, evaluate the new programs I have started watching and decide – who will I stay with in 2012?

Amy, Trying Too Hard
Enlightened (HBO)

Awkward, depressing, lonely. Enlightened is obviously one of the best new shows on TV this year. The show, created by Mike White and Laura Dern (and starring Dern), is about Amy Jellicoe, an ‘enlightened,’ self-centered anti-hero. After an emotional breakdown and Hawaiian therapy, Amy returns to her old company with a fresh outlook on life, only to realize that making her way in her new job is rife with conflict (mostly self-imposed, though that becomes tricky as the show goes on). The performances are top-notch. Dern and Diane
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