Feb 5, 2015

1st Celebrity Crush: Cecille from Sesame Street

In preparation for Valentine's Day, I'm looking back at all my past loves. And my earliest crush, besides the many times I fell in love with food, was with Cecille, the anthropomorphic ball who sang songs to me on Sesame Street.

Those curves! That voice! Those lips!
5-year-old Tableau was all about Cecille.

 I mean, her theme song alone is enough to drive anyone mad with love and desire:

She can bounce. She can roll. She can spin like a wheel.

She's got a rubber sole (soul?), and her name is Cecille.

Cecille, No one can match ya. Cecille, you're off the wall.

Cecille, I'm gonna catch ya. And, when I do, I'm gonna have a ball.

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