Mar 20, 2013

Enlightened's Cancellation in Princess Bride GIFs

In case you haven't heard, Enlightened on HBO has been officially cancelled. When I first heard, the news hit me like an unexpected ROUS.

I went through some of the familiar stages of grief.  

Honestly, I couldn't believe it.

The show has such a loyal fan base! Cancelled??

But what if I started a campaign to get it back on the air? Maybe it has a life on Netflix! What about Kickstarter?

Then, I just wanted to fight someone. Let some honcho know that they'd ripped out my still-
beating heart and fed it to the wolves.


When I realized that my hate and anger were possibly misplaced and definitely useless, I cried until I had no more tears to cry.

I'm not ashamed to admit that the thought of ending it all entered into my brain.

But only for a moment. I didn't want to give them (whomever they are) the satisfaction.

The show, after all, had two amazing seasons, and it wrapped up in a way that felt natural and beautiful (though a little rushed). Mike White will surely go on to do other great things that I will love quite a bit, if not as much as I love Enlightened. Plus:

 So, I'll take the death sentence you handed down, HBO.

But know that Enlightened lives on. It lives on in my heart and in my memory. And though you may ensnare me with Game of Thrones and Veep, I will never forget what you have done.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some Iocane powder to discreetly place in one of these two goblets. Let's drink, shall we?

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