Jun 13, 2011

iPod Shuffle: You Know My Soul

When I put my iPod on shuffle, the music can be all over the place. Because of my early desire to get as much music as possible on it, I have a ridiculous amount of music I love, but also music that I couldn't care less about. I've got N*E*R*D, Quad City DJs, Nat King Cole (he was a merry old soul, a merry old soul was he) and Sweet Honey in the Rock all smashed together. Some days all I want is blues and all I get is A.R. Rahman.

But some days, my iPod gives me, not just the music I want, but the music I need. And today, as I rode the N Train into work, my iPod gave me what I needed most of all. The following songs played, and buoyed my spirits:

Wilson Phillips - Hold On
I will, Wilson Phillips, I will

Loggins and Messina - House on Pooh Corner
My Youth: Gone. My Hopes: Dwindled. My Nostalgia: Fully Operational.

Fergie - Clumsy
Oh, Fergie, restoring my faith in love and double left-footedness

Lisa Loeb - Stay (I Missed You)
She's a one hit wonder who stuck with it. I love your crazy face, Loeb... excuse me *sob*, I'm having a Loeb-ment.

Is is any wonder I'm in a great mood today?!
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